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Welcome to my web page

All information contained here is aimed at introducing some general information regarding the plastic surgery techniques and materials I use.

My professional approach is based on the belief that each patient has a unique combination of needs, desires, fears and insecurities developed through time.  A comprehensive view of the 'person' is of the outmost importance to me.

As a medical professional I have an obligation to identify and understand these parameters and determine the best approach to the problem, and as a plastic surgeon I aim for the ultimate balance between simplicity and beauty.

I believe that every patient has the right to receive detailed and comprehensive information, access modern medical facilities and receive state of the art surgical care. 

The decision to have plastic surgery should not be taken lightly.

Our partnership will be ongoing, starting with the design of your treatment through to your postop care and finally to your full recovery and beyond.  My aim is to enable my patients to evaluate the benefits and limitations of any treatment or surgery they may consider.

Mutual understanding is the key to the achievement of the best results and the fulfillment of  the patient's expectations, but most importantly, is a prerequisite for patient safety and comfort.

My aim is to justify your decision to have plastic surgery.

Please read through, and feel free to come in and discuss how state of the art plastic surgery techniques and new materials and technologies can help you fulfill your needs and desires..

Warm Regards

Evangelos C. Bellonias

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Dr. E. Bellonias
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Vas Sofias 129
115 21 Athens

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